Mimosa is the 5th piece of the upcoming EP The Birth of Colours of synesthete composer Kaleidoscope of Colours. After Almond (Mother Earth), Porcelain (Glaciers), Moon Rock (Mountains) and Cedar (Forest), the beautiful, sensitive piano solo melody represents the next element, threatened by climate change: the flowers, which show an alarming decrease in the blooming. And because the Mimosa is one of the most sensitive flowers on earth the piece is also related to the composers highly sensitive nature.


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Mimosa is available as sheet music now through my online shop! The intimate piano solo melody, which starts with a minimalistic left hand pattern is added by several nuances in the right hand melody slowly building up until it finally escalates into a colorful landscape for both hands.  Mimosa is for intermediate level.


A part of the EP´s revenue will be donated to selected climate protection programs.


Listen to Mimosa here.

Play Mimosa here.

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