Kaleidoscope  of Colours is a pseudonym of Berlin based contemporary composer, songwriter and writer Susanne Geisler.


From a very young age the musician noticed, that she perceived the world through different eyes: letters and numbers had always presented to her inner eye in a wonderful coloured coat. Quite surprisingly she figured out later that she literally could see any form of music, sound or written music surrounded by colours. Due to the neurologic phenomenon called „coloured hearing“, a frequent type of synesthesia, any form of listening to music simultaneously activates a cross talk reaction in the colour area of the musicians brain. 


And so it happens that the keys of her piano are no longer merely a black and white combination, but colourful images and shapes. She literally creates impressionistic paintings on the piano. Coloured Hearing allows her to approach music and compose her own pieces in a very unique way. „If I had to compare it ", the musician explains, „I would compare it to one of the Magic Eye pictures from the Nineties, where the viewer had to diverge his eye in order to see a hidden 3D image within a 2D pattern. Composing on base of the different colours definitely frees me up. I don´t feel like I´m bound to usual harmonic rules."


Under her artist name KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOURS the german composer has entirely specialized in composing on base of her synesthetic perception. Her tunes have names like "Dark Blue Echoes" or "Variations in Green" and are best to describe as neoclassic, contemporary piano, post minimalism." Having worked along side British composer Max Richter for many years, her musical influence draws from a wide range of famous minimalist and neoclassical composers such as Philip Glass, Max Richter, Arvo Pärt or Michael Nyman. 


In 2016 she released her debut EP "5 Neoclassical Pieces for Solo Piano", which is based on the likewise named piano book. Her first album "Music & Colours", a first collection of musical fragments that are entirely based on her inner colour scales was released in December 2018. With her new EP "The Birth of Colours", released spring 2020, the composer takes the audience not just back to her world of crossed senses but also into our wonderful world of nature's elements, threatened by climate change.


Since 2018 she is also regularly co-writing for  Universal Publishing Production MusicWarner/Chappell Production Music und Klanglobby/BMG