Workshop "Pimp my project" @ Mühlentreff Anklam
24. August 2023
On Aug, 19th we hosted the 2nd part of the workshop "Pimp my Project". With Kaleidoscope Song - Mobil we offer creative workshops, helping children and regions, that don´t have access or ressources, diving into creativity. This time the kids could bring their own musical projects to get professional advise on how to now break up songs, quickly collect ideas how to shape several song parts like a chorus or bridge. The wokshop took place in colloboration with producer Mpritz Limmer, Mühlentreff...

Exhibition @ Lite Haus Gallery Berlin
12. August 2023
From Aug, 11th until Aug, 25th 3 of my pieces are part of the exhibition "Coloriscious", hosted by Lite Haus Galerie Berlin . The small gallery is regularly hosting group exhibition of Berlins vivid newcomer art scene. My three pieces "Joy", "Curisosity" and "The Colours of the Rain" can be purchased through the gallery until Fri, 25th. For more information about my art, click here.

Interview with Klassik Radio Germany
01. May 2023
Catch me talking about my music and synesthesia to German Broadcasting Station Klassik Radio. The show will be hosted by Thomas Horner and is broadcasted on May, 2nd 2023. Listen to show here:

The Floating Piano - Water Concert 2022
17. February 2023
Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to play for this beautiful series called The Floating Piano, a concert series on the water, organized and curated by @sounddrifters . Thank you to everyone who joined us ♥️♥️ With: @newoperahero @schlindwein_music @rossanofrombrazil @gaborhartyani Special thanks to: @indiarophotography @charlieretaggi @draussenstadt @senkulteu

Interview with NTV Nachrichten
23. November 2022
Thank you NTV Nachrichten for the Interview about Synesthesia. You can read the whole article here: Further press article here.

New Online Shop - Synesthetic Art
19. November 2022
In 2018 I was asked by ZDF Info to dive into my colour perceptions publicly for a little feature called: "Farben hören: Was ist Synästhesie?" . In the same year, Deutschlandfunk Kultur asked me to describe in an interview how César Franck's "Sonata in A major" looks to me. And although the interview went well, I had to realize that day that my words were no longer sufficient to describe the colors and shapes. That was frustrating! Not a nice feeling! So I looked for a new means of...

19. July 2022
I´m honoured to announce, that I´ll be part of this new concert series taking place on Berlin waters on July, 23rd. Soundrifters Berlin organized a piano concert on the water as part of our project: 'from musicians, for musicians'. Acts: 16:00 Kaleidoscope of Colours 17:00 Rossano Snel 18.00 New Opera Hero feat Gabor Hartyaní 19:00 Schlindwein The mirror stage by Jana Spacelight will move along the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. More info will be at 
The event is part of...

THF Radio Interview
21. June 2022
Thank you @THF Radio for having me! On sunday I was a guest on @soundslike, the radio show of the Berlin indie station @THF Radio. Together with host Linda Dowidat, we went on a journey through songs that have not only inspired me, but also have one thing in common: They all sound in my favourite colour. If you want to know which one, tune in, listen to the whole show here.

18. September 2020
I'm very proud to announce to have been invited to hold a panel at this years Reeperbahnfestival 2020. The panel will be about "The power of the collective", and will we be hosted by Alexandra Helena Becht, promoter at Das Salz des Tages. Click here for more information and tickets.

08. May 2020
Finally all elements combined in one cycle. I’m proud to announce that my new EP THE BIRTH OF COLOURS, a selection of new pieces based on musical colour composing, is out today. During the last 6 months I released 1 element of the cycle, each named after the colour it was written on and representing one element of our planet threatened by climate change. Thank you for being part of this journey, for liking, sharing, listening. Especially now that we have the world standing still. I’m going...

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