AMBER out now!
31. May 2024
I´m very proud to announce, that the next circle of colours has begun with my new single AMBER. With its dreamy, floating melody and delicate emotive harmony AMBER is the first of ten evocative piano solo pieces that are based on a pioneering synesthetic colour composing technique. AMBER is the first single of a new collection of piano pieces, stemming each from a vivid blend of certain colour scales, hues of sound and emotions, featuring a sonic tapestry of minimalistic, timeless piano solo...

Spotify All Music Friday 2024
26. April 2024
I was invited to speak at this year's All Music Friday 2024 organised by streaming provider Spotify Germany. As part of the panel "Neurodiversity in the Spotlight: ADHD and Creativity", I spoke with music producer and Youtuber Marti Fischer, musician LAYLA , Neurobiologist Dr. Martin Korte and moderator Diona Bathily about how "creative chaos" and business structures in the industry can be harmonized, how we can best work with neurodiverse musicians and how we can preserve diversity in our...

"Under Water World" in German TV
15. January 2024
My piece "Under Water World" has been synched for German TV. The piece was composed for the project "Nature Ambient Piano" and released 2021 through Universal Production Music Germany. It has no found its way into this beautiful animal documentation cllaed "Wilde Bewegungskünstler". Animals move in many different ways. Some can only crawl, others swim or walk, and some even fly. This film shows how evolution shapes their locomotion. The whole documentation can be seen in National German...

Interview with WDR 5
08. December 2023
Synästhesie The letter A is red. The number two is blue. Some people automatically associate sensory impressions with a colour. Johannes Döbbelt reports on how people with this synaesthesia experience everyday life. Thank you for the interview WDR 5. The whole interview can be heard here: I

BLOOM - Release 15.11.
03. November 2023
Exciting News! Prepare to dive into the mesmerizing world of neoclassical and lofi chill out with the upcoming release called „Bloom“ ! „Bloom“ contains 10 dreamy, hopeful and relaxing songs and have been especially written for use in film and TV. Warped violins and chiming piano float atop chill, LoFi grooves in this neo-classical amalgam of softly somersaulting 808 hip-hop beats and gently optimistic motifs, rising like the effervescent bubbles of a velvety sonic champagne. The album...

Zeiss Convention 2023
20. October 2023
What a wonderful night of science and arts. First impressions of the Zeiss Convention 2023. 2500 people from over 63 nations joined the international convention, held in Velodrom Berlin in October. For the first time one of my pieces was animated as a beautiful light show to the audience. Together with CEO Sven Herrmann the show also hosted the outstanding works by photographers Sebastian Copland and Bryan Adams. Thank you for this unique experience. @Zeissvision @creativesherpas...

Workshop "Pimp my project" @ Mühlentreff Anklam
24. August 2023
On Aug, 19th we hosted the 2nd part of the workshop "Pimp my Project". With Kaleidoscope Song - Mobil we offer creative workshops, helping children and regions, that don´t have access or ressources, diving into creativity. This time the kids could bring their own musical projects to get professional advise on how to now break up songs, quickly collect ideas how to shape several song parts like a chorus or bridge. The wokshop took place in colloboration with producer Mpritz Limmer, Mühlentreff...

Exhibition @ Lite Haus Gallery Berlin
12. August 2023
From Aug, 11th until Aug, 25th 3 of my pieces are part of the exhibition "Coloriscious", hosted by Lite Haus Galerie Berlin . The small gallery is regularly hosting group exhibition of Berlins vivid newcomer art scene. My three pieces "Joy", "Curisosity" and "The Colours of the Rain" can be purchased through the gallery until Fri, 25th. For more information about my art, click here.

Interview with Klassik Radio Germany
01. May 2023
Catch me talking about my music and synesthesia to German Broadcasting Station Klassik Radio. The show will be hosted by Thomas Horner and is broadcasted on May, 2nd 2023. Listen to show here:

The Floating Piano - Water Concert 2022
17. February 2023
Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to play for this beautiful series called The Floating Piano, a concert series on the water, organized and curated by @sounddrifters . Thank you to everyone who joined us ♥️♥️ With: @newoperahero @schlindwein_music @rossanofrombrazil @gaborhartyani Special thanks to: @indiarophotography @charlieretaggi @draussenstadt @senkulteu

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