19. July 2022
I´m honoured to announce, that I´ll be part of this new concert series taking place on Berlin waters on July, 23rd. Soundrifters Berlin organized a piano concert on the water as part of our project: 'from musicians, for musicians'. Acts: 16:00 Kaleidoscope of Colours 17:00 Rossano Snel 18.00 New Opera Hero feat Gabor Hartyaní 19:00 Schlindwein The mirror stage by Jana Spacelight will move along the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. More info will be at 
The event is part of...

THF Radio Interview
21. June 2022
Thank you @THF Radio for having me! On sunday I was a guest on @soundslike, the radio show of the Berlin indie station @THF Radio. Together with host Linda Dowidat, we went on a journey through songs that have not only inspired me, but also have one thing in common: They all sound in my favourite colour. If you want to know which one, tune in, listen to the whole show here.

18. September 2020
I'm very proud to announce to have been invited to hold a panel at this years Reeperbahnfestival 2020. The panel will be about "The power of the collective", and will we be hosted by Alexandra Helena Becht, promoter at Das Salz des Tages. Click here for more information and tickets.

08. May 2020
Finally all elements combined in one cycle. I’m proud to announce that my new EP THE BIRTH OF COLOURS, a selection of new pieces based on musical colour composing, is out today. During the last 6 months I released 1 element of the cycle, each named after the colour it was written on and representing one element of our planet threatened by climate change. Thank you for being part of this journey, for liking, sharing, listening. Especially now that we have the world standing still. I’m going...

10. April 2020
Mimosa is the 5th piece of the upcoming EP The Birth of Colours of synesthete composer Kaleidoscope of Colours. After Almond (Mother Earth), Porcelain (Glaciers), Moon Rock (Mountains) and Cedar (Forest), the beautiful, sensitive piano solo melody represents the next element, threatened by climate change: the flowers, which show an alarming decrease in the blooming. And because the Mimosa is one of the most sensitive flowers on earth the piece is also related to the composers highly sensitive...

13. March 2020
What do you get when you combine the heartbeat and breath of one of the densest and most pristine forests in northeast Germany with piano? Exactly! CEDAR! Emerging from the cedar-colored scale of the synesthetic composer Kaleidoscope of Colours, CEDAR presents the second multi-instrumental piece on the upcoming EP THE BIRTH OF COLOURS. Percussive piano meets Schiller and Thomas Newman and has an important message: with each of the released singles, the composer not only presents the...

31. January 2020
I’m proud to announce that my second single and first multi-instrumental piece PORCELAIN is out today. PORCELAIN is continuing a second colour cycle, the EP „THE BIRTH OF COLOURS, a selection of pieces that not only take the audience back my world of crossed senses, but also reminds us of the beauty and fragility of our nature, of the elements of our planet that are not infinite and that we have taken for granted for far too long. PORCELAIN not just stands for its porcelain blue coloured...

17. November 2019
Each end is followed by a beginning. After a year of writing for and with others I’m finally back with my own project. One year after my debut album Music & Colours - the first of three colour cycles, I’m proud to announce that I’m going to finish the year by commencing the second of my three colours cycles, starting with my piano solo piece ALMOND. More infos soon!

03. October 2019
I‘m very proud to start an exciting journey both as an author and as part of a new founded edition together with my friend Maxi Menot and our partners from Guesstimate. It took many years until I realized that working FOR other artist was not entirely my thing, but working WITH other artists ;). More infos soon! Check out Edition B+ here.

03. October 2019
Exactly 4 years ago I coordinated my last film project for British composer Max Richter. In September I went back to Studio Babelsberg to record songs with the Deutsche Filmorchester Babelsberg for the band The Remaining Part . I co-wrote some of the songs, which have been orchestrated by these talented girls of Track15 - Female Composers Collective . The album project has been funded with the help of Initiative Musik and will be released February 2020.

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