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I´m giving lectures about synesthesia, highly sensitiveness and creativity. More than any other people, creatives and artists, who are blessed with having synesthesia, quite often don´t know that it is something unusual. Others are simply not aware of it, because of the fact, that synesthesia is something subtle and requires attention, a conscious moment. There is also a strong probability of having synesthesia and being highly sensitive (HSP).


Both traits are extraordinary conditions for successfully working as creative, especially for musicians. But as much as it helps to create ideas, synesthetes and highly sensitive people are in constant struggle to organize their (creative) lives in ways that match their oversensitive bodies. Without any self care and protection strategies, the world can quickly become too overloading.


I´m attendee of the 1st international conference "synesthesia and cross-modal perception", held at Trinity College in Dublin in April 2016, where neurologists and artists from all over the world presented their unique results  about synesthesia. My upcoming lecture program  "When music evokes colour - An introduction to synesthesia" not just presents all aspects of the trait and its famous representatives in music, but also focusses on protection strategies and health care for highly sensitive and creative people. Apart from lecturing, I´m also glad to answer questions for students and researchers. 


If you want to have me as a lecturer, please contact me under:



Patrick Gothe I unsplash
Patrick Gothe I unsplash



Current workshop programs (English or German):


1. When music evokes colour - An introduction to synesthesia

2. How to unblock me - 10 tools to avoid creative blocks



Current group workshops take place in collaboration with Music Pool Berlin. More infos under: www.how2unblock.me

Sebastian Muller I unsplash
Sebastian Muller I unsplash


Creative Collaborations

I´m regularly advising other creatives (book authors, app designers) to help them make their ideas unique on base of what I see and perceive. I´m also available for co-writing sessions in the fields of singer-/songwritinger, pop (composing, top lining).


If you want to collaborate for a creative project, please contact me under:

info@kaleidoscopeofcolours.com. For more infos visit here.

"The Color of Bee Larkham´s Murder" (Sarah J. Harris); Harper Collins UK, 2018 

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