I´m honoured to announce, that I´ll be part of this new concert series taking place on Berlin waters on July, 23rd. 


Soundrifters Berlin organized a piano concert on the water as part of our project: 'from musicians, for musicians'. 



16:00 Kaleidoscope of Colours

17:00 Rossano Snel

18.00 New Opera Hero feat Gabor Hartyaní

19:00 Schlindwein 


The mirror stage by Jana Spacelight will move along the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg.

More info will be at 


The event is part of Initiative Draussenstadt , supported by the senat for culture and Europe (Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa ) as well as the foundation for cultural education and cultural advice


Thanks to all the people who make this possible:


India Roper-Evans Photography Charlotte Retaggi Gael Perrin Bruha Bee Federico Boccardi Steff Ungerer

I N V R GreenPack Mobile Energy Solutions ePropulsion Ableton Schenker Technologies @newriaflosspferdchen IPSE.

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