Susanne Geisler is a composer & songwriter living in Berlin. 


Originally trained as a lawyer, she decides to give up her profession in 2012 to pursue music and a training as composer at the Akademie Deutsche Pop Berlin. Besides her musical training she works in the field of music management, and coordinates film projects and concerts for the young neo-classical composer scene in Berlin.


Until 2015 Susanne Geisler worked for the British film composer and post-minimalist Max Richter as assistant and project coordinator in the field of film music (e.g. HBO TV series The Leftovers - Season 1, 2015; Testament of Youth, 2015), in album production and coordinated international concerts (e.g. Royal Albert Hall, 2014).


The composer's repertoire includes compositions from the fields of neo-classical, minimal, pop and electronic music. Her musical role models include composers such as Philip Glass, Max Richter, Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi.


Susanne Geisler is one of the few musicians with synaesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which listening to music simultaneously activates the colour centre of the brain. This type of combined "Coloured Hearing" allows the musician to take a completely new, alternative approach to the composition of musical pieces: Compositions based on her inner colors and forms.


Under the artist name „Kaleidoscope of Colours“  she writes and publishes neoclassical compositions based on the technique of colour vision. She is also co-writer for Universal Publishing Production Music, Warner/Chappell Production Music, Klanglobby/BMG and various artist projects. In 2019, she co-founded Edition B+, a division of German publishing company GUESSTIMATE (Alle Farben, Younotus), where she focusses together with producer Maxi Menot on giving female songwriters more visibility.


She is also participant in the 2nd VUT Mentoring Program for women in the music business and delegate of the International Reeperbahnfestival.

Credit: Jeannette Kneisel
Credit: Jeannette Kneisel

Film Projects

  • "Into the Forest", 2015 (Score  Coordinator)
  • "Testament of Youth", 2015 (Score Coordinator) 
  • "The Leftovers"  - Season 1, 2015 (Score & Mixing Coordinator)
  • "Escobar", 2014 (Score Coordinator)
  • "Last Days on Mars", 2014 (Score Coordinator)
  • "The Congress", 2012 (Composer Assistant)

Music Projects

  • Max Richter: "Sleep", Deutsche Grammophon, 2015 (Project Assistant)
  • Woodkid - The Golden Age, feat. Max Richter's - Embers, Music Video, Grammy nomination "Best Music Video" 2015, (Score coordinator)
  • Max Richter: "Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons", Deutsche Grammophon, 2012/2014 (Project Assistant)


  • "Inspire", Trailermusiken für Film und Fernsehen, Klanglobby/BMG, VÖ 16.11.2018
  • "Handcrafted Pop",  Songs: Chain of Lights, Keepsake, Sea & Air, Universal Publishing Production Music, VÖ 2018
  • "Indie Pop", Songs: Neon Night, One Step at a Time, Warner Chappell Production Music, VÖ 2018
  • Music & Colours (Album), 2018
  • 5 Neoclassical Pieces for Solo Piano (EP), 2016
  • "5 Neoclassical Pieces for Solo Piano" (Pianobuch), 2016