a selection of show that have licensed our songs

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Trailer "Nature Ambient Piano" (2021), Universal Production Music

VAMPIRATES (Mini Series), 2021, Dir. Franziska Pohlmann, Score: Susanne Geisler

ECHOES, from the album: Nordic Spring, Warner Chappell Production Music, 15.06.2021.

Die Jungs WG, Staffel 6, Folge 11 "Tooor, Kika/ZDF TV, 14.01.2020; Songs "Neon Night" , Album: Indie Pop, Warner Chappell Production Music. 

Project Coordination

Into the Forest (2015), Dir. Patricia Rozema, Film Score: Max Richter; Score Coordinator: Susanne Geisler 

Testament fo Youth (2014), Dir. James Kent, Film Score: Max Richter, Scor Coordinator: Susanne Geisler 

The Leftovers (Season 1, 2014), Dir. Mimi Leder, Film Score: Max Richter, Score Coordinator : Susanne Geisler

Escobar - Paradise Lost (2014), Dir. Andrea di Stefano, Film Score: Max Richter, Score Coordination: Susanne Geisler 

96 Heures (2014), Dir. Frederic Schoendorffer, Film Score: Max Richter, Composer Assistant: Susanne Geisler 

Last Days on Mars (2013), Dir. Ruairi Robinson, Film Score: Max Richter, Music Coordination: Susanne Geisler

The Congress (2012), Dir. Ari Folman, Film Score: Max Richter, Composer Assistant: Susanne Geisler